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   MNP Orthopaedics has been my prosthesis services provider for the last few years. After visiting many other service providers I have found a company with a heart for its patients. Both Paul and Lafras has been servicing my family and I and we cannot compliment them enough.

I am an Through Knee amputee and Paul services and maintains my prosthetic leg. We are an active family and our inner soles are manufactured by Lafras. These guys spend hours making sure that we are comfortable and mobile. The advice they gave me was spot on and even the cost of their products were more affordable than their opposition.

Thank you MNP Orthopaedics for restoring my faith in your profession. In my 20 odd years of dealing with similar service providers I have finally found a company driven by compassion and genuine interest in my disability.

I strongly recommend you to any patient in need of your services. Good luck with your new alterations at the office, you deserve the growth.   
July 24, 2012 09:36:45 AM

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